Het Huisorkest is a student orchestra where “gezelligheid” is very important, and everyone is welcome. The composition of Het Huisorkest is therefore very diverse: from violin to saxophone, from trumpet to alto recorder, there’s a place for everyone! The orchestra is led by Anja Oosterbeek.

The Huisorkest distinguishes itself from other orchestras through its distinctive productions: each production aims to bridge the boundaries between different art forms. There is always more happening than just making music. For example, there was the production ‘Het Huisorkest op Avontuur’ in February 2021, in which the orchestra, together with storyteller Durk Reitsma, created an exciting performance. The collaboration between the orchestra and Durk resulted in a spectacular outcome. Another example is ‘It’s a Kind of Magic’ from June 2019, where magician RON took the stage to enchant the audience with his amazing magic tricks. The Huisorkest has collaborated with other talents for years to create unique and enjoyable concerts each year. Additionally, we use new music for every concert, with a wide range of genres such as classical, jazz, film, and pop music.

There are two concerts per year, in the winter and summer, for which we also organize rehearsal weekends. This means a weekend filled with music and “gezelligheid”, including games, delicious food, and a great atmosphere. In addition, there is a monthly activity for members and an annual BBQ as the conclusion of the academic year. Please visit our website and Instagram page for more information about The Huisorkest. We hope to see you at the next open rehearsal!

Rehearsal: Wednesday evenings, 20:30-22:00
Contact: info@hethuisorkest.nl
Website: www.hethuisorkest.nl