Utrecht has a vibrant music scene for students; it has no less than eight diverse music associations for and by students, all supported by Utrecht University (UU) and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (HU). This amounts to approximately 400 singers, string players, wind players, percussionists, pianists, harpists and guitarists that are able to spend time to pursue their hobby weekly.

The KOSMU is the umbrella organisation that promotes the interests of these associations. Since 1967, it has been playing a vital role in enabling students to make music by maintaining and expanding the unique opportunities Utrecht presents for them to do so. After all, what is better than to be able to relax by making music during your stressful years of study?

The goal of the KOSMU is to facilitate these activities, to support the boards of the associations and to make sure that knowledge and enthusiasm is preserved. The KOSMU maintains a close connection to Parnassos — the cultural centrum of Utrecht University –, where all our associations rehearse.

Photos: Elbert Besaris, Maarten Mooijman, Jan Arndt, Veerle Bastiaansen