Student Choir Medusa is an enthusiastic group of approximately 30 students. The choir was founded in 1984 and has been guided with great pleasure since 2015 by Iris van ‘t Veer, also an Medusa alumna. Characteristic of Medusa is the varied repertoire consisting of classical, film music, musical and folk music. As the only women’s choir for students in Utrecht, Medusa is a good addition to the other student music societies.

The choir is characterized by the warm and safe environment in which people have the space to be themselves. Both Dutch and international students can join, and the rehearsals are in English. As long as you can sing soprano, mezzo or alto, you are welcome! The weekly rehearsals and rehearsal weekends are the perfect opportunity to meet new people and improve your musical skills. Every year, we work towards a winter and summer concert. We also have a social committee and musical theater committee that organize fun activities.

Would you like to sing with us? We have open rehearsals for each new season (September and January).

Rehearsal: Wednesday evenings, 20:15-22:30

Photo: Jan Arndt